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The Old Chengdu Club (Chengdu Huiguan) is located near the Wenshu Yuan Monastery, a popular Chengdu attraction featuring serene gardens, solemn halls and a tourist street outside of the monastery walls.

This Chengdu hotel has a wide range of room types and offers British-style butler service 24/7.

Recreational facilities include an indoor swimming pool, fitness center and spa.[View Detail]
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  • steven xu
    Comfortable, elegant, quiet, quiet
  • briefboy
    Nice naozhongqujing around the yard special classic, the only downside is the bathroom counter-seriously, the fan doesn't work at all, unbearable! indoor facilities, television screen and its not clear, bad room next door's voice can be heard! Price/performance
  • fulan
    Facility is a little old, very elegant.
  • js_emma
    Nice, the traffic is convenient ... again
  • elanna
    Hygienic conditions are very bad bedroom a musty smell coming from the bathroom tub stains that are not their own twist on the trash next to the valve also falls on all rusted bed was placed a box of Durex in the morning rumble outside don't know what level of two hundred or three hundred bucks hotels is not recommended to move
  • wenwu990626
    Good location, perfect service facilities around the hotel. rooms are old houses, no lift, but there's no problem. good. the traditional Chinese style.
  • M03005347
    Hotel facilities, breakfast was also good as before.
  • sunny108110
    Old hardware, several lights are bad, find a hair dryer with the difficulty in finding a treasure, Wi-Fi was very slow. Entire suite is only one light, master switch, either black or brightly lit inside and out, is not easy. Staff very professional, knocking at the door, we have the answer to their wait has also repeatedly urged the last door card opens the door for himself, this is too much, in arms. Services and hardware, up to three-star level, to the more than 900 price,Chengdu as saying a strike. In addition, because wenshufang attractions away from the room, very noisy. Above evaluation is an objective, for reference.
  • AlanJoe
    Environment didn't of said! I live of is business between, hotel of location very good, on in monju hospital next. but room of facilities too general has, bathroom is old, shower of hot also no. early bath of hot basic on in 20-30 Zhijian, only is rush wash about. other are good, weekend has wedding, we also visit has about, is interesting of.
  • great0519
    Very nice hotel, nice
  • e00116349
    That's no problem
  • mmwave
    Great location, quiet! good!
  • Finalgoal
    Hotel toilet water smelly, breakfast small, bad service, had to say than the hotel strengths, and its location, at the wenshu monastery next door
  • lucyrongrong
    Worth living
  • e00067067
    Surrounding environment good, business is the lowest room, nature in General. reception, room waited too long to get, clean may be more slowly, can only be understood.
  • Jennie Ching
    Very good, quiet elegance, the peach blossom in the courtyard was driving very well (mid-February), but the standard rooms on the second floor in the lobby than the Academy's rooms for the same price to some, recommended check-in time to pay attention. on one level the room facilities are better, and overall price/performance can be.
  • e00089506
    Hotel location is OK, nice hotel, the antique, but the room is really bad, went a smell like a toilet drain, smells, street and room, very noisy early in the morning in the morning.
  • lambert_pang
    Facilities are OK, good surrounding environment, close to wenshu
  • yinjun302
  • sightseeing tour
    Hotel location! go anywhere near! surrounding construction! good! recommended!
  • v sad
    The environment was noisy and facilities in General.
  • lala32201
  • tcp121
  • cnyege
    Environment is very good, like live in gardens, courtyards and quiet, although the rooms a bit old, but very comfortable, the edge is wenshu, travel facilitation
  • cjwxy
    Location is but monju hospital, antique has features, to tianfu square taxi near, to Panda base taxi also not to 40 Yuan. but, this hotel of room toilet taste too unpleasant has! live has two late completely crash! while Hotel work employees put we buy of souvenirs to broke has, we notification Hotel Hou is action and active apologized also no, we put things got front desk asked does have this thing to we just barely road has apologized. Feeling health conditions and sense of serviceA nice appearance is too inconsistent.
  • e00167673
    Hotel is nice, antique. noise is so bad, air conditioning is not very powerful. breakfast is so-so, and there are many funeral clothes shop and street graves in shop, casket store, feels bad, but is close to the instrument.
  • iwoni
    Good surroundings, convenient transportation, the decoration of the hotel is very characteristic
  • sunfire2007
    Wenshu temple near Lotus Pool market! nice!
  • e04906590
  • alex1921
    Room renovation of old buildings, still a lot of creativity, especially carved bed, very good
  • psoda
    This atmosphere is like, but the room service needs to be improved ... but overall was satisfactory.
  • ciccyty
    Nice antique beauty drops
  • sun_ln
    Really not up to much, check the side of room, noisy not said there are few mosquitoes and roaches, very old
  • bartonlei
    Good location, convenient to the subway station is 1 stop; near wenshu, can go for free. antique building, Garden plain, to the South and East, where there is snack.
  • e01792856
    Poor reception, and speed of response is not timely enough, 2 o'clock to store results about 6 o'clock in the evening to get a room, without any compensation to the guests. bad reviews!
  • Ruisyl
    Wenshufang, old style very unique! breakfast to enhance yo!
  • Ericxie888
    Nice place
  • dandanbeauty
    Environment is fine, antique. Furniture decoration has a college atmosphere, convenient parking, staff very good. but the WiFi signal is almost unusable, carpet is too dirty!
  • bjfswwj
    Very good location, relatively suitable for traveling.
  • Jacar
    Convenient, local features! good!
  • jing28
    Hotel location is great! and convenient transportation, next time will go live.
  • gaofeng19780802
    Very quiet and convenient, from the wenshu monastery close
  • bgr9966
    Feeling pretty good but the room has no window ... ... ...
  • SS traveler
    So so
  • xxxps
    Very unique courtyard-style hotel is surrounded by wenshu feature area, the atmosphere is very good ... but not hot enough, admitted to leaking roofs in the middle of the room, unable to sleep, check out early the next day to change hotels. However, between walking in the yard this morning, it feels amazing
  • aggiew
    Better place is probably the location and architectural style. go right was wenshu Temple, visited in the past very well early in the morning and feel the atmosphere of life of local residents. seemed not far from a metro station. the hotel can park for free, this is great. There are several snack bars on a street in front, basically covering all the typical snacks. Probably before that lived in one room, our room is also the bedroom area is small, the bathroom more spacious. bathroom a large piece of the roof stains. in addition to thisOutside; 1) carpet is old and dirty. 2) safety deposit box in the room is locked, open at the front desk, tells us that safe is bad, you can't use. it's not what is the difference? 3) air conditioner how to get down on the first night, room 30. call for help, let us open the exhaust fan in the bathroom, says can lower the temperature. asked the front desk to send someone to check it the next day, directly at the front desk asked me; ' You sure open? ' I'm speechlessEven guests will not open it, you send someone to teach you? 4) breakfast tastes really cannot comment directly dine. outdoor seating is more tone and a don't know what machines rumble next to the results, all destroyed.
  • It old migrant workers
    Convenient sanitation
  • Jessica_0118
    Environment have no say, antique, like living in a big house, is a two-storey old House, so the facility is a bit old, but it can be understood and accepted, and all in all very satisfied.
  • joy1987110
    Good hotel overall, in the local rental car so travel is also very convenient, because the living room below is the Ballroom so a bit noisy at night, others are very good.
  • bugtop1980
    Very unique