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Ctrip published its first 'open building rate report:' guangdong 'ladder cancel' hotel most of the country

Date: 2019-08-31

"Reservation of the hotel to check in, suddenly have something want to cancel".In this case, 20-year-old flexible than predecessors, and choose different men and women, even different regional different options.

It is understood that if the ctrip check the hotel, with the "ladder to cancel" mark before guest check in 10 days before 17:00, free hotel to cancel orders;After 10 days prior to the check-in 17:00, check-in cancelled before 18:00 and only deduct 10% rate;After 18:00 cancel check-in day, to deduct the full.

In October 2018, ctrip teamed up to 10 m hotel, launched "ladder to cancel" (that is, the "cancel" conditionally) policy.Less than 1 year, double the number of the hotel to join the camp, to 20 m.Among them, the five-star hotel is about 656% than increase.By an average of 3 million people.

After 95, 00 to check in to cancel after high frequency

About 1/5 of the residents, book the hotel after the idea of cancellation.More young residents more changeable, hotel cancellation rate is higher.Ctrip, according to data from 20 s crowd reservation cancellation rate is the highest, 5% higher than other age groups on average.

Different booking cancel it, men and women.In "ladder to cancel" user active choice, men accounted for 66%, 2 times that of women.Men on the cancellation policy, more forward-looking and more rational.They choose to embrace the rules.And select the "ladder to cancel", after the women's cancellation rate is higher.So female guests also benefit from this policy.They don't have to after the high cancellation rate, damage the purse.

In terms of regional distribution, ShangHaiJi tourist hotel cancellation rate was 14%, the highest in the country.Hainan tourists booking hotel cancellation rate was 9.5%, the lowest.Will tell from the constellation, libra, Scorpio, high on 12 zodiac signs "ladder to cancel" at the top of a list of users.The Aries accuracy and malicious, has a spirit of contract.

In 2019, a large number of "ladder to cancel" camp

In 2019, see "steps to cancel" for good hotel cancellation rate, consumer complaints, the large number of high star hotel to join the camp.Among them, 5 star hotel the growth rate of 656%, 370% 4 star hotel.Compared with no ladder cancellation policy era, cancel the proportion 2% increased at day 18 o 'clock.Guests could abide by the contract spirit at the same time, the hotel also room vacancy loss are reduced.

The 20 m may be canceled "ladder" hotel, are mainly distributed in chongqing, chengdu, wuhan, guangzhou, Beijing, kunming, shenzhen, changsha, xi 'an, zhengzhou and other places.More than 10 cities, about 20% of the number of steps to cancel the hotel around the country.Among them, in 2018, compared to the chongqing such growth is the highest hotel, henan second.While as to provinces, guangdong "ladder to cancel hotel number the first;"Yunnan, shandong, sichuan, jiangsu, followed.