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Chengdu hall banquet related conditions

Date: 2013-12-24

And wedding gift items:
1, provide free existing parking space (20).
2, provide free new signs three wedding reception.
3, provided free of charge, and arrangement of sign in table a, guestbook a book and a pen.
4, provide free a bottle of champagne, a champagne tower.
5, provide free between change clothes, make up 1 (10:00-17:00) use time limit
6, provide free new pre-dinner xi two bowls (11-12:00 noon).
7, free use of stage, two wireless microphone, audio equipment.
8, restaurants provide free prints frame a stage.
Second, the wedding banquet preferential project
1, free contact large group buying drinks (optional).
2, make us contact professional wedding planning team and site construction step.
3, reception if you want to use projection, rental of 500 yuan/times.
4, the wedding venue rent 600 yuan/times.
5, yue palace square fee of 10000 yuan (only provide power and 20 seats).
6, their preferential project
(1) meal consumption of 20000 yuan, but complimentary deluxe room 1, did not achieve price 399 yuan can get luxurious room 1; Price 500 yuan can be upgraded to 1 dragon garden suites; Price 600 yuan can be upgraded to 1 garden suites.
(2) meal consumption of 40000 yuan, can give 1 dragon garden suites, price 500 yuan can be upgraded to 1 garden suites.
(3) meal consumption of 50000 yuan of above, can give 1 garden suites.
Third, wedding banquet reception standard
A. standards:
Holiday RMB 1299 / table, luncheonette RMB 500 / table.
The holidays, and RMB 999 / table up over the weekend, luncheonette RMB 400 / table
B. the deposit standard:
15 tables of less than 5000 yuan, more than 20 table of 8000 yuan.
Four, from Monday to Thursday dinner preferential project: (deadline February 28, 2014)
1, every order 999 yuan/dinner table, table 5 above each table present hot drinks; Mahjong 6 a discount.
2, every order 999 RMB/table dinner, more than 10 table per table free hot drinks or two; Mahjong 5 discount.
3, every order 999 yuan/dinner table, table above 15 per table presented changyu (red drum) red wine bottle, mahjong 5 discount.
Table 999 yuan of /, 1299 yuan/menu attached below: