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The successful completion of the chengdu hall 2013 global wealth BBS spouse group dining experience

Date: 2013-06-08

As the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization awarded the first Asia of "food", chengdu beauty reputation worldwide, chengdu food from the world 500 strong spouse regiment 63 guests of common choice, this is also the spouse has the largest number of a group activity to participate in activities. On June 7, 2013, highlights the thick regional customs and history culture of "chengdu hall", "chengdu hall" became the partner group guests, "chengdu gourmet dining experience," the best place, everyone here is not only "see" to the production process, sichuan saw the sichuan cuisine and profound; "Goods" to the authentic sichuan cuisine. The whole scene guest is very active, also personally "to do" "three guns", "dragon reading hands" and other snacks. Enjoy a delicious aftertaste endless in the middle of sichuan luncheon. At the end of the have to take picture with chengdu hall chef, said this is the best food to taste in China, hope to have the opportunity to to China, will also to chengdu delicious foods.