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Why China become a favorite country small hotel?

Date: 2018-08-08

Just over half in 2018, we ushered in the Ann went Shanghai semicolon opening, swire in Shanghai to open the fourth House Collectin hotels, jia le announced sanya project new dynamic...The style is distinct and unique hotel brand in China's expanding network, to add new members.The Chinese market is not only a mohican international hotel group, has become a favorite destination niche hotel.
In pursuit of the era of personalized experience nowadays, quite a number of consumers are not satisfied with the standardization of the hotel chain brand, they constantly looking for independent, distinctive hotel.Plus the millennial generation way of life is affecting a new generation of hotel brands, from the point of the way of travel and business travel, millennials are completely different generation.They like personalized products, after is real value.They are more willing to spend a little money, to gain a richer experience.

O Lila (Alila) in the Sanskrit word for "surprise", this is its founder Mark Edleson set the tone for the brand.In recent years, the beautiful, in the Chinese market development speed is the top of the niche brand, since the first two years ago, Lila brand in anji, last year the second project beautiful la yangshuo sugar have also been opened.O Lila hotels and resorts chief marketing officer Doris Goh said, for the Chinese market, they have 9 project is in the making, and hope that in the next two years to open at least four hotels.Location are almost all the country's most popular tourist destination, such as wuzhen, qingcheng mountain, lake and chongming island.

"Beautiful", there are three things will be mentioned: global initiative of the swimming pool, beautiful la cliff kupi figure villa cage stunned pavilion and advanced environmental protection concept.Doris Goh told reporters that "for extension in the Chinese market, we are more willing to read as the beautiful concept of practice, we hope to establish a community has the same values, to attract the same traveler's attention to sustainable environmental protection, and recognizes the Lila unique design aesthetic for owners."Indeed, it is because the beautiful strict environmental protection and design standard implement, beautiful anji's owner decided to put the treasure for years, adjacent to assign stone reservoir of private enterprises to a beautiful.

At present, people desire for "healthy, happy and long life" is more and more intense, and innocence of preserve one's health has been difficult to meet people for the pursuit of high quality life, health tourism for development opportunity.Six good hotel through the leading industry of health service and sustainable hotel operation mode, let a guest in the far away from the lane nature environment, with the surrounding natural environment and the inner world of the self link again.

Six good will preserve one's health concept extends to the guest check in every aspect.. Good food and the hotel group, Bernhard Bohnenberger said, "from the point of the whole health project of personalization, to" Sleep "With Six good (Sleep With Six Senses) Sleep experience, to the main health organic diet" feed With Six good "(Eat With Six Senses), we hope that the guests leave the hotel, model can gain a better myself."No matter where you are six good hotel, will find that they have their own secret weapon - organic farm.Qingcheng mountain six good organic garden door opens up more than 1 square meters.Here, a specialist on vegetable growth process for the guest, if you like, also can pick the guest, the chef will gather at the scene of vegetables for cooking, which accord with the popular "from farm to table" healthy diet concept.