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Article 4 in chengdu subway line to the deyang in the future Source road will run BRT

Date: 2016-01-25

This year the government work report of chengdu is put forward: to speed up the building "dual-core interest, more than a city city" pattern of urban agglomeration development of metropolitan area network, metropolitan area planning.Subsequently, chengdu related departments to "metropolitan area is defined as:" closely linked to the chengdu area and the surrounding cities constitute local area, including chengdu area of 12121 square kilometers and from around chengdu, deyang, meishan area, all districts and counties, and yoann rain city and famous mountains area, a total of 36 district (city) county, with a total area of 3.23 square kilometers.
Adjacent from ziyang, deyang, meishan, zhu and other related department chief introduction, in "the chengdu metropolitan area", will implement traffic, ecological protection, resource utilization, and infrastructure aspects of collaboration unity of the development of some planning and consideration.
A few days ago, the latest definition of "chengdu metro area" causing concern.Associated with great, deyang, meishan, and zhu this a few cities, the city of deyang with chengdu development go fastest, also can saying is sample significance.
As early as August 23, 2013, chengdu and deyang city and signed the "chengdu deyang city development framework agreement and the agreement on development to build industrial concentrated area, through the planning, industrial economy, government procurement, transportation, education, tourism, urban water source protection, financial and other eight cooperation matters.
Learned, borrows the uncanny power city development of deyang is uncanny power avenue north extension line (chengdu) implements the road widening, a period of twelve lanes, eventually will be 20 lanes, "this is not a traffic channel, is the centerpiece of the urban development, online can build multiple satellite city in the north, and connect happiness beautiful countryside, prevent the urban construction booth pancakes."Deyang municipal party committee secretary PuBo said, deyang is according to the subway network planning of chengdu, the chengdu metro line 1, line 3 and line 5, line 15 XiangDeYang extension scheme.