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Chengdu, the first New Year volunteer public welfare carnival The festival atmosphere is very warm

Date: 2016-01-25

Chengdu full search news (internship reporter Wang ling) reported on January 25, "New Year blessing warm winter love, rich NianWeiEr send citizens", this morning, sichuan province, "warm winter line love transfer", the theme of volunteer service activities and the first spring of chengdu volunteer public welfare carnival launching ceremony was held in volunteer service activities center of chengdu.
Launch site, the organizers are not only for selected in chengdu "in 2015, hundreds of positive energy volunteers" awarded certificates, also as the "ten best volunteers in sichuan province", the needy, left-behind children, the old red army man, veterans of the war of resistance against Japan on the books, such as rice flour, etc. The spring package.The three volunteers of the chengdu, "ten best volunteers in sichuan province" in 2015 winner - "mother" of chengdu, head of the studio wintek, to be a teacher in ganzizhou color to Tibet by daxian work English teacher Liu Jicheng wuhou district of chengdu, good work home volunteers Hao Cheng peach (late, by living volunteers friends attend) also respectively to share their unique experience and understanding in the aspect of volunteer service.
Chengdu in addition, the study lei feng love union and so on more than 10 volunteer service team and public welfare organizations, also at the scene to carry out the write Spring Festival couplets, set and righteous sale yizhen, duty, hair cut and so on ten big volunteer service activities, will be thick "NianWeiEr" bring Argo citizens in advance.